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The app that frees up your time to do more of what you love.

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Declutter your home & mind

Easily eliminate messy paperwork around the house with our powerful A.I. document scanner, which digitises your important documents and organises them intelligently for you. A tidy home creates a tidy mind because when it's out of sight, it's out of mind!

Do more things you love

When you free up your mind from the stresses of life admin, you  have more time to spend on the things that really matter - family, friends, kids, pets, hobbies, and fun. It's the little things that count but can also cost you the most, and Lifefyle helps you to manage all of them, saving you money & valuable lost time every single day.

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Decrease your daily workload

With Lifefyle Premium, you can easily assign tasks to up to 4 other family members so you can delegate important life admin tasks to spread the workload evenly and keep tabs on household responsibilities. When everyone contributes equally, it creates a positive and happy family environment.

Form empowering, lasting habits

Lifefyle allows you to create daily routines which allow you to form empowering habits to improve your health, wealth, relationships, and happiness long term. Whether you want to create an energising morning routine, a healthy exercise routine, or a relaxing evening routine to bookend your day, you can do it all.

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Never miss important dates again

Lifefyle can help you to remember your annual vehicle MOT, car tax, mortgage renewal, critical GP appointments, pet's vet checkup, and even your anniversary. Lifefyle remembers these for you so you don't have to, and gently reminds you when it's time to act.

Lifefyle Features

To-Do Lists

Easily & quickly add your To-Do items to get things done fast, every day

Automatic Tasks

Automatically create tasks with our intelligent AI document scanner

Calendar Sync

Sync your Google Calendar so all your important dates are in one place

Document Storage

Enterprise-grade security gives you peace of mind for securing important documents

Smart Spaces

Organise your documents into logical groups to help you easily find them when needed


Keep complex projects streamlined and simple, giving you more focus & time


Create powerful, habit-forming daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly routines

Share Tasks

Easily share tasks with up to 4 family members to spread the workload

Share Documents

Share documents with your spouse or kids through the Lifefyle app, anywhere you are

What Other Lifefylers Say

I absolutely love this app! I can organise everything in one place and easily access it all as and when I need it. All my business documents (and as a freelancer there are plenty), all my personal documents (passports, driving licence etc) are accessible without having to delve through stacks of files. I even use it to tell me which rubbish bin to put out and when!

Coco-Moco  via Apple App Store

What a nifty app to manage a busy household. I use it to juggle all my life admin in one place. Juggling made easier. Has given me back time and helped me save money by remembering to cancel stuff I no longer need. A good balance between remembering strategic and tactical tasks which require attention. Simple and effective!

Abz23!  via Apple App Store

Finally, an app which considers your pet as family. We recently got a puppy and have been able to store all its health and ownership information in the app.

Adam Henley  via Apple App Store

It’s functionality and the Lifefyle service is helping me manage all the day-to-day admin stuff that gets in the way of family and friends and living life in general.

CCW010  via Apple App Store

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