Our story

High flying worriers. That's how we describe our former selves. Colleagues, at the top of our game, successful, ambitious, giving the best of ourselves to our work. Life was all consuming and we lived in the fast lane! We worked hard, we worked long hours, we travelled a lot and we delivered the results. Our clients were happy, the business expanded and we were having fun.

As our careers flourished, so too did our personal lives. Couples became families, homes were bought, new friends were made. Life was great!

We were the lucky ones and we knew it.

But as life got more grown-up, so too did the life admin requirement that came with it - the demands of home life were constant.

The mortgage, the home insurance, school activities, booking doctors appointments, writing wills, managing our finances, booking holidays, sorting out the life insurance, etc – the 'To Do' list was literally endless.

And, as we forged ahead with our careers, our ability to stay on top of the 'To Do' list at home became more difficult and stressful.

Something had to give

Things slipped, got forgotten, or were put off to "deal with when there’s more time".

And it wasn’t because home wasn’t important—in fact, it was just the opposite. It was precisely because it was our safe place, with people that would forgive us and love us unconditionally, that we allowed ourselves to not give our best self to our home life. We knew it and we worried about it.

It was a point of anxiety - and it wasn’t ok!

It took a pause in our careers

It took a pause in our careers, following the sale of the consultancy business we had helped build, to allow us to reflect on this together.

We hadn’t even realised it ourselves, but one evening as we talked as friends, we found that we all felt the same – that somehow we weren’t satisfied by our efforts at home.

It sparked a conversation

We needed something that eased the burden of life admin - one place to store and manage all of the paperwork and tasks related to our home life, that we could access wherever we were and share with our family.

It would offer us peace of mind if the unthinkable happened, because our family would know where everything was.

What a positive impact a solution to this problem would make on our lives. We’d stop worrying, and just get on with making the most out of life.

We looked for a solution

We looked for it, but there was no solution out there.

So we decided we should build it. We now had time to dedicate to it after all, and we could take advantage of the latest advancements in technology, like A.I. and machine learning, to build something awesome.

Then we asked our friends what they thought - and they didn’t just want it - they were desperate for it. Through those friends we met a phenomenal developer who shared our vision and passion to use technology for good.

And so, Lifefyle came to be!

We've only just begun

It's exciting, and we’ve only just begun. Watch this space, we have grand plans to revolutionise life admin!

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