500% return on every £1 invested in mental wellbeing solutions*

Discover the most sustainable, practical, and cost-effective way to improve your employees’ mental wellbeing while increasing staff engagement & retention levels. 

Learn how your company can benefit too.

A practical way to improve your employees' mental wellbeing

With their life admin sorted, employees can keep a clear mind without additional stresses & anxieties to distract them from being productive at work, or even taking time off to deal with paperwork piling up at home.

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Increase your company's overall staff productivity

When employees are happy and calm, thanks to their home life being in order, their work productivity increases. What would it mean for your company if you could increase staff productivity?

Decrease employee days off “sick” due to stress

Stress is responsible for almost half of all working days lost in Britain*, and poor mental health costs UK employers £45bn per year. What is identified as "work related stress" is often, in reality, "life related stress" but when life gets on top of people, work is often one of the only things that can give. With the right wellbeing benefits in place, you can support your employees in creating healthy habits that reduce some of life's stresses and arm them to better deal with whatever life throws at them.

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Prove that you care

Providing Lifefyle as a wellbeing perk is a great opportunity for you to reach out and show that you really care about your employees at a time when many people are feeling isolated. They’ll also be grateful for the organised habits they have formed before transitioning back to the office when the time comes.

Think mental wellbeing

Instead of  providing perks that just focus on their physical wellbeing such as massages, daily yoga programs, or free gym memberships, it's also equally (if not more!) important to keep their mental state healthy & happy.

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What others say

I have totally fallen in LOVE with Lifefyle… I’ve been tasking, uploading and allocating bits left right and centre… I’m so glad I found it before I go back to work next month.

Sarah  Scientist

Anyone juggling work, life and parenting needs this app in their life. It’s such a great concept and it works.

David  Consultant

I used to get really frustrated searching for stuff. Now everything is there, online and easily accessible. Life is a lot easier these days.

Simon  Operations Director

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