Frequently asked questions

What is life admin?

We define "life admin" as all the tasks you need to do, and documents you need to process, to run a household and a life. It can be anything from regular chores like remembering which bin to put out each week, to annual activities like booking your MOT, renewing insurances and doing your tax return. Likewise, things which come up infrequently, such as renewing your passport and renegotiating your mortgage, all add up to the invisible workload of life admin and can be tracked and remembered for you, by Lifefyle.


What does Lifefyle do?

Lifefyle helps you free up mental space and time by helping you organise all of your life admin in one place with organised filing, task suggestions and reminders, hints and tips so that you don't have to think about your admin until it's time to get something done. And when that time comes, you'll have all the information you need to do the task at your finger tips to get it done efficiently. Lifefyle also includes a curated list of trusted service providers and products for some of life's admin like MOTs, wills and insurances so that you don't have to make all the decisions from scratch. You don't even have to read your own documents any more - simply upload them to Lifefyle and it will identify them, suggest a sensible name for easy retrieval, and pull out key dates so that you can add tasks when the paperwork needs dealing with - much better than other online file storage options where your document lies dormant and forgotten in a random unsorted folder.

How does Lifefyle help me get organised?

Managing life admin can be broken down to 3 things: knowing what to do; having a access to useful documents and information; and knowing when to do things. Lifefyle includes several features to help with each of these steps. When you tell Lifefyle about the things in your life that generate admin (the people, pets, properties and vehicles or assets for example) Lifefyle's AI starts to understand how much of the associated admin you've gotten done, and makes suggestions of things that might be missing; it holds, logically stores and even "reads" your documentation to pull out key details to make sure you are reminded if something is about to expire or needs your attention; and the gentle reminders help you with managing tasks ensuring they are remembered, grouped and assigned to others using the task list (for one-offs) or routines (daily patterns).

Does it take a long time get Lifefyle set up?

Nope! You can get started with Lifefyle in minutes - simply download the app, sign-up, and use the big yellow plus button to start adding tasks and documents. You can also use the 'Add Spaces' feature on your dashboard to tell Lifefyle about the key admin generators in your life (car, property, people and pets), and without uploading a thing, Lifefyle will start to suggest tasks if there is something that needs your attention.
Once you're familiar with Lifefyle, you might find you do want to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon scanning and uploading all of those documents you have stuffed in drawers and folders around the house to truly have everything in one place. And whilst it's true that the more you put in to Lifefyle, the more it can help you, there's no expectation that you will do that, and Lifefyle can help you just fine if you start populating it today, as and when it arrives through the post / your inbox.

How does Lifefyle improve my mental wellbeing?

Your brain is trained to keep interrupting you to remind you of unfinished tasks. This interruption is called the Zeigernik effect, and while it is a form of self-protection, when unmanaged, or when you are overloaded, it causes problems as it interrupts you at work, in your sleep, in moments when you are trying to focus on things that are good for your mental wellbeing like hitting the gym, spending time with your kids and meditation.

The good news is, that while life admin is an ongoing workload which you never really 'finish', you can trick your brain into feeling like it's dealt with by just being organised. Have you ever felt better when you've got your to-do list written down, even if you haven't done anything on it yet? Well, the simple act of getting that list out of your head, means your brain recognises that you have done something with all the separate thoughts, so then it just needs to remind you to look at the to-do list instead of bombarding you with all the individual items... with Lifefyle the impact goes much further as you can relax and forget about even checking on the list, safe in the knowledge that Lifefyle will remember everything for you, and nudge you when something needs your attention.

Better still, Lifefyle's ever increasing capability to automate document and life admin processing, means it can help you get that admin done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with more free time and clear head to focus on the things that really matter.

How does Lifefyle save me money?

There are many instances in which getting your life admin done on time, or even early, can save you money. Not just through missed penalties, and not having to pay for express services at the last minute, but also on insurances for example. Did you know that insurance companies increase your policy cost if you buy it within 21 days of your current policy expiry date? We do, that's why Lifefyle will remind you to get your renewal set up at least 22 days in advance.

What's more, our curated list of partners provide product and service discounts to Lifefyle members so you can save 10% on your will when you get around to writing it (really, you should get on to that you know!), get a preferential rate on your pet insurance, save money on your MOT and much more.

How does Lifefyle save me time?

Ever spent 45 minutes looking for some paperwork to get the phone or account number you need to be able to process a life admin task? Ever had 10 minutes to spare whilst you wait for a train, which you could easily use to fill in that form / call that service desk / chase up that parcel if only you had the right documents to hand in the moment? With all your documents uploaded and organised in Lifefyle, your whole filing cabinet (and that pile of letters on top of the microwave), would be in your pocket so you can get that admin done any time, any place.

Can I sync Lifefyle with other apps?

Lifefyle interacts with other apps in a few different ways. You can share files to Lifefyle from other apps on your device such as your email, photo stream, messages and other storage apps, you can also download documents from Lifefyle on to your device. Lifefyle also contains links to apps and platforms from service providers to help you get your admin done efficiently (eg. Book your MOT with KwikFit directly from your Lifefyle to do list or vehicle space). Premium account holders can sync Lifefyle events with calendars on their mobile device for a quick at-a-glance view of how busy you are day to day.

Can I use Lifefyle for work?

Whilst we designed Lifefyle with your personal life admin in mind, there is nothing stopping you from using it to get your work life organised too. We would recommend creating relevant projects for work stuff so that you can 'tag' related tasks and documents, and you can also create a folder within your personal Career & Employment space for documents that don't have linked tasks, but which you want to keep for your records.

Can I use Lifefyle with my parents?

Absolutely. Lots of Lifefylers share an account with their elderly parents so that they can help them keep track of admin which is no longer as paper-based as they might be comfortable with. There is no limit to the amount of property, vehicle and people spaces you can add to your Lifefyle so we suggest creating spaces for your parents' life admin generators so that you can help them out where they want you to. With visibility of their affairs, everyone can feel so much more calm and in control should the unthinkable happen too - Lifefyle has got your back.

Can I use Lifefyle with my family / children?

To hold a Lifefyle account, you must be 13 or over, but once they are of age, go right ahead! With a single view of the family life admin to-do list, everyone can do their bit with cleaning out the rabbit hutch, taking the bins out, buying groceries etc and attending family parties without anyone having to nag. We find a lot of parents put their children on Lifefyle when they are off to university so they don't have to take a folder of paperwork with them, they can access the ID and info they need to change their address, register at a GP etc on their phone. They can also use Lifefyle to keep track of their homework / project work.

Who is Lifefyle for?

Life admin is an everybody thing, so Lifefyle is not exclusive to any particular group. To hold an account you must be 13 or over, and other than that, Lifefyle is ofr anyone who needs to capture, organise and understand what to do with their paperwork and keep track of tasks and events coming up!

Can I buy a Lifefyle memberships for someone else?

Yes. If you would like to buy a subscription for someone other than yourself, please write to us at and let us know how long you wish to subscribe for. We will then create you a voucher code which you can send to the lucky recipient with instructions for how to redeem it. Giving the gift of time and headspace is almost as good as achieving it for yourself!

Can I see my data offline?

You need to have an internet connection to access your Lifefyle as everything is stored safely in the Cloud. With Lifefyle available as an app and a website though, you don't have to always use the same device or equipment. As long as you have a web browser, you can get to your stuff.

What are spaces?

Think of spaces as 'expert folders'! We recommend you create a space for each of the key life admin generating things in your life. These are typically people, pets, properties and assets such as vehicles. Depending on the type of space, Lifefyle will display the documents related to the item in question, and, will start to prompt you for things that need to be done (e.g. it will find out from the CVLA when you need to get your MOT Test done, and remind you at the right time, suggesting a good test centre while its at it) and things you don't have that most people do (for example, if you tell us about a property but don't have any contents insurance uploaded, Lifefyle will ping you to check if you have the right cover in place).

What are projects?

Projects are a way for you to group your documents and tasks in a way that makes sense to your life. Going on holiday this summer, and wondering where to keep the booking references, reminders to book activities for the kids, and the details of that all important cancellation policy given the current climate? No problem - simply create a project called Summer Holiday and link the documents to it. You can also tag the tasks you want to remember to do with the same project so you can check on how the planning is going at a glance without trawling through your reminders about bin day, piano lessons and your mother-in-law's birthday present.

What is the difference between a space and a project?

Spaces are more interactive than projects. Lifefyle knows exactly what each space is related to so it can make suggestions where things are missing, provide you with trusted relevant suppliers of things like insurance, and will writing services to make your decision making easier, and pull information from public data to help you keep whatever it is under control. Projects are more fluid, and for you use as your life needs - Lifefyle will remind you about the tasks you put in a project, and pull out the dates in the documents saved there, but it doesn't (yet!) have the power to suggest things you might want to do to make that project easier / better.

What does Lifefyle do with my data?

At Lifefyle, we never share you data with third parties. Lifefyle only uses your data to help you manage your life admin more efficiently. It anonymises activity then find trends and patterns in user behaviour to help us make recommendations based on what others have done.

How does Lifefyle decide where to store things?

When you upload a document to Lifefyle, it is 'read' by our bespoke document processor. Lifefyle uses AI and a selection of image and character libraries to identify keywords, logos, supplier names, dates and any information you have already given Lifefyle about yourself (e.g. address, car reg plate, pet microchip number) then uses the data it recognises to make an informed decision about where to store the document. For example a mortgage offer is likely to contain the details of the lender, the mortgaged address and the term of the loan so Lifefyle might suggest the document is called "Santander.Mortgage.2021", stored in your property space, and that you need to set a task for 5 years time to remind you to shop around for a replacement deal when the fixed term expires.

Is Lifefyle secure?

All of your data is encrypted in transit and at rest in Lifefyle. It is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which is internationally recognised as a secure platform and used by several world banks, government departments and aerospace companies. We work with ethical hackers who regularly stress-test the Lifefyle architecture to ensure your data is safe.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

Cancelled Lifefyle accounts are fully deleted. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, if you request to cancel, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have first retrieved any documents you wish to keep, and stored them safely elsewhere. As a check though, when you request to cancel your Lifefyle subscription, we check the total size of the data stored on your account and if it is deemed to be a lot, we will always check with you that you have saved what you need before going ahead with the account deletion. Back-ups are taken frequently and in certain circumstances, data can be restored from these back-ups if needed.

What happens to my data if I delete the app?

Deleting the app from your device won't impact your data. It will still readily available to you via the web platform, or you can reinstall the app at any time to access it again on your mobile device.

If I want to stop using Lifefyle, can I get hold of my data?

Yes. All documents you have stored in your Lifefyle can be downloaded so that they can be kept elsewhere. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, if you request to cancel, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have first retrieved any documents you wish to keep. As a check though, when you request to cancel your Lifefyle subscription, we check the total size of the data stored on your account and if it is deemed to be a lot, we will always check with you that you have saved what you need before going ahead with the account deletion.

Where can I download Lifefyle?

Lifefyle is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Can I use Lifefyle on my desktop / laptop?

Yes! There is a web version of Lifefyle which can be accessed at and through which you can access your to-do list, documents and all of your account settings. It looks a little different to the mobile apps, but your data is all there and having the web platform makes it easy to upload documents from your hard-drive or other storage apps on your desktop / laptop.

What is Lifefyle Premium? Why would I upgrade?

Lifefyle has 3 versions: basic (free), Premium (£4.99 per month) and Enterprise.
Premium includes all of the features in Basic, plus the ability to set recurring tasks, sync Lifefyle events with your calendar(?), and most importantly, share your Lifefyle with up to 4 other people within your close circle. Lifefyle Premium therefore enables households to share the life admin burden whether they be partners, flat mates, carers or adult children wanting to help out their elderly parents.
If you wish to explore the Enterprise offer, to provide Lifefyle for your employees to help them keep their home life in order, please contact us on

How do upgrades work?

You can upgrade within the Settings tab in Lifefyle. Simply tap on the upgrade now button, and confirm your payment preferences. Your upgrade will apply immediately, and you will be billed monthly either via iTunes, Play Store or directly if you have opted to provide card details.

Can I downgrade to Basic from Premium?

Yes - you can downgrade to Basic by switching off your subscription payments in iTunes or Play Store, or contacting No data will be lost during the change in account status, but future versions of recurring tasks will not be generated, and it is worth noting that only the original account holder will be able to log-in to the Lifefyle account from the date which your Premium subscription runs out.

What happens when I downgrade?

If you are the main account holder all tasks will be assigned to you going forward, and future versions of recurring tasks will not be generated, but other than that, all data will still be readily available to you. The other members linked to your account will no longer be able to access your Lifefyle. Should they wish to create their own account, they should contact Lifefyle Member Support. 

How do I pay for a Lifefyle Premium subscription?

There are 3 ways to pay for Lifefyle Premium depending on your device type or payment preferences: (i) card payment, direct on the Lifefyle web platform; (ii) iTunes subscription for iOS users; (iii) Google Play subscription for Android users.  

How do I redeem a voucher code?

If you have a voucher for Lifefyle, please check if you have also been provided a link to use which is specific to the company which provided you the voucher. If you have been provided with a link, please use that, or you will see options for vouchers and enterprise codes on the app sign-up screen. Alternatively, you can visit where you can enter the code at checkout. 

Can't find your question? Contact us at and we'll answer it for you!