Never miss your vehicle MOT again!

Book your MOT right from Lifefyle in less than 2 minutes

Right after adding your vehicle details in Lifefyle,

you get automatic reminders when you need to renew your car tax and MOT tests.

Here's how it works:


Enter your plate number

All your vehicle information will be filled in automatically as your car information is analysed.

Vehicle Dashboard Screen to Lifefyle


Get reminded before the due date

Lifefyle will automatically remind you in advance when your renewals need to be actioned.

MOT Reminders Screen


Tap on the book now button

When you need to renew, simply open your vehicle space and tap the KwikFit button.

Vehicle Dashboard Screen


Book your appointment

In less than 2 minutes you can find a garage near you and book your MOT through the app.

Book Through KwikFit
MOT Reminders Screen

Automatic car tax & MOT reminders

As soon as you enter your vehicle license plate number, reminders are automatically created in Lifefyle to give you a heads up when your car tax and MOT need to be renewed. Get instant peace of mind knowing that Lifefyle has your back!

Book your MOT in two minutes or less

In less than 2 minutes from within Lifefyle, you can book your MOT appointment through our trusted partner, KwikFit, at a location near you. Skip the headaches of finding a garage, and let Lifefyle make it quick & easy for you.

Book Through KwikFit
Vehicle Tax Screen

Pay your car tax quickly

Within the app, you can tap on the GOV.UK button to pay your vehicle tax right away without having to waste time leaving the app.

Store & access your vehicle documents anywhere, anytime

Quickly scan your vehicle documents straight into Lifefyle’s secure Google Cloud Encrypted storage which allows you to easily access them anytime, anywhere you are with a single tap.

MOT Test

Make your vehicle admin fast & easy