Help your customers feel like they’re winning by giving them buzz of being on top of their life admin.
Integrating into our platform will ensure customers find your products and services at the point of need, and get their life admin sorted quicker and more easily. We are able to provide expert help and reduce the steps in life admin processes helping Lifefyle users stay in control, reduce their mental load, and keep returning for recommendations and tips.

Our partnerships

WeightWatchers Reimagined

At WW, they understand that a sustainable weight-loss journey needs to be more than just a diet. Their programs promote a holistic healthy lifestyle, and Lifefyle is offered as a reward for members to support them in creating healthy habits and improve their mental wellbeing alongside the physical benefits of weight loss.

Stellar Asset Management specialise in inter-generational wealth management, providing services for Financial Advisors and individual investors. They offer Lifefyle as a reward to both their clients and customers as a tool to digitise life admin and make it easier for families to manage their assets together, and the admin associated with that.

The Uk’s #1 online will writing service, Farewill, simplifies planning for the future. This is a service inline with our philosophy of making life admin easier, and we work with them to promote the importance of having a will, and help people get started in creating one.


Lifefyle integrates directly with KwikFit, our trusted MOT provider, which you can book straight through the app. Save yourself time and benefit from exclusive discounts when going with KwikFit.

Blue Light Card

Lifefyle is proud to be part of the discount service for the emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces. Lifefyle is a crucial benefit for these time poor critical workers during these testing times.

Starling Bank

Personal banking at your finger tips with money management made easy through beautiful intuitive tools. Lifefyle is excited to be develop this partnership to help our users get better at saving and budgeting.


Lifefyle is excited to be part of Vodafone's VeryMeRewards platform, through which Vodafone customers can get Lifefyle Premium free for their first 6 months.

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