Student life made simple

Lifefyle is perfect for university students to easily manage and organise their busy lifestyle.

Ready-to-action checklists

These ready-to-action checklists have been designed to enable students to make sure all the important items are actioned before, during, and after they arrive at university. This feature is even more useful for international students who are arriving in the UK for the first time. By preparing in advance, it makes the first few weeks of university much easier and more enjoyable.

Important documents all in one place

Scanning in physical documents into Lifefyle takes seconds, and through its powerful AI engine, it scans for due dates and other important information to make creating tasks quick, and searching for documents easy. Plus, it allows you to access them anywhere you are, anytime you want, securely, with just a few taps.

Get a bird's eye view of your day

With Lifefyle, you can get a quick overview of your day and the tasks, events, and projects ahead, so you can keep your mind clear from distractions as you focus on your studies. Know what tasks are due today, this week, and in the future, so you can be in control of your success, now and far into your semester.

Keep documents organised

Lifefyle's existing structure of document categories makes it easy for you to organise them into folders which make sense and can be quickly accessed at a time of need. This keeps everything tidy and uncluttered, which promotes peace of mind.

Student FAQs

What does Lifefyle do?

Lifefyle helps you free up mental space and time by helping you organise all of your student admin in one place. It can help you get organised, before, during, and after you arrive at University. You can quickly and easily manage tasks, reminders, events, documents, and routines, all in one place.

Is Lifefyle useful if I'm an International student?

Yes, it's perfect. Lifefyle will allow you to get organised before you even arrive into the UK, to make sure your transition into studying for University in the UK is smooth and without unexpected surprises. The checklists included already have ready-made tasks with important things to consider as an international student moving to the UK. Documents can be scanned in, and all of your paperwork will be in one place, for you to easily manage while you're abroad.

How does Lifefyle help me get organised as a student?

As a student, life can become very busy, and it's more important than ever to stay organised. Lifefyle has the tools to do just that. With its to do lists, tasks can be added to get things done on time. Calendars can be synced to remind you of important dates. Physical documents can be scanned in digitally, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Projects can group similar tasks and documents so it's easier to find. If a student has a car, the vehicle space can keep all important documents together for the vehicle, and also send automatic reminders for the MOT and car tax deadlines.

Does it take a long time get Lifefyle set up?

It only takes a few minutes to download, sign up, and start using the app. We share helpful tips and videos over a period to introduce you to our main features, so you start to get used to using them and reaping the benefits.

How does Lifefyle save me money?

As a student, budget usually is tight. Lifefyle has various offers that give discounts through different partners and brands that help you to save money and time on life admin.

How does Lifefyle save me time?

There are many ways that Lifefyle helps you save time. Firstly, instead of having to find physical documents which may have been misplaced or filed away where you can't access them, you can instantly open the scanned version in Lifefyle, anywhere, anytime. Secondly, Lifefyle makes it easy for you to stay organised so you can get things done more efficiently and free up your time for the important things in your life.

Can I use Lifefyle for university stuff?

Of course - you can use it to store snaps of your notes, organise your lecture & tutorial timetable, set assignment deadlines for yourself, book exam dates in the calendar, and much more.

Can I use Lifefyle with my parents?

Absolutely, with Lifefyle Student Premium, you can add up to 4 family members for free. This allows you to share documents, tasks, and other information with them so you're never out of sync with life at home. They too can scan in documents from home, in case you need some information you left there.

Can I see my data offline?

You need to have an internet connection to access your Lifefyle as everything is stored safely in the Cloud. With Lifefyle available as an app and a website though, you don't have to always use the same device or equipment. As long as you have a web browser, you can get to your stuff.

What are spaces?

Think of spaces as 'expert folders'! We recommend you create a space for each of the key life admin generating things in your life. Depending on the type of space, Lifefyle will display the documents related to the item in question, and, will start to prompt you for things that need to be done (e.g. if you have a car it will find out from the DVLA when you need to get your MOT Test done, and remind you at the right time, suggesting a good test centre while its at it) and things you don't have that most people do (for example, if you tell us about a property but don't have any contents insurance uploaded, Lifefyle will ping you to check if you have the right cover in place).

What are projects?

Projects are a way for you to group your documents and tasks in a way that makes sense to your life. You can also tag the tasks you want to remember to do with the same project so you can check on how the planning is going at a glance without trawling through your reminders about bin day, piano lessons and your mum's birthday present.

What are checklists?

The checklists in Lifefyle Student Premium have been designed, with the help of some current students, to help you get prepared for student life! Simply tap on the checklist on the dashboard to open it, and tick them off as you do each item. Remember, these are recommended activities and not mandatory so don't stress out if you haven't done something!

How can I use the checklists?

The checklists are prefilled with tasks which Lifefyle and Unite Students have compiled to give you useful step-by-step guidance on before, during, and after you arrive at university. Simply tap on the checklist on the dashboard to open it, and tick each item off as you do them. Some of the items are just suggestions, others include links to useful places to help you actually do that item. Remember, these are recommended activities and not mandatory so don't stress out if you haven't done something!

What is the difference between an event and a task?

An event is something that happens on a specific day and time, and has a duration. A task is something that needs to be done, often by a specific date.

What is the difference between a space and a project?

Spaces are more interactive than projects. Lifefyle knows exactly what each space is related to so it can make suggestions where things are missing, provide you with trusted relevant suppliers of things like insurance, and will writing services to make your decision making easier, and pull information from public data to help you keep whatever it is under control. Projects are more fluid, and for you use as your life needs - Lifefyle will remind you about the tasks you put in a project, and pull out the dates in the documents saved there, but it doesn't (yet!) have the power to suggest things you might want to do to make that project easier / better.

What does Lifefyle do with my data?

At Lifefyle, we never share you data with third parties. Lifefyle only uses your data to help you manage your life admin more efficiently. It anonymises activity then find trends and patterns in user behaviour to help us make recommendations based on what others have done.

Is Lifefyle secure?

All of your data is encrypted in transit and at rest in Lifefyle. It is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which is internationally recognised as a secure platform and used by several world banks, government departments and aerospace companies. We work with ethical hackers who regularly stress-test the Lifefyle architecture to ensure your data is safe.

Where can I download Lifefyle?

Lifefyle is available on the App Store and Google Play. When you sign up, make sure to choose the option "Sign up with a voucher" so that you can get your student version for free using the code you have been emailed.

Can I use Lifefyle on my desktop / laptop?

Yes! There is a web version of Lifefyle which can be accessed at and through which you can access your to-do list, documents and all of your account settings. It looks a little different to the mobile apps, but your data is all there and having the web platform makes it easy to upload documents from your hard-drive or other storage apps on your desktop / laptop.

What happens to my subscription after my university term?

When you sign up to Lifefyle as a student, your Student Premium account will be free for 1 year. After this time, you will be asked to verify again that you are still in education or offered the choice of continuing with Lifefyle Premium, or downgrading your account to our free basic version.

How do I redeem a voucher code?

If you have a voucher for Lifefyle, and you don't already have a Lifefyle account, you will see options for vouchers on the app sign-up screen. Alternatively, you can visit where you can enter the code on sign-up via the web. If you already have an account but didn't apply the code, please email us at and we will sort it out for you.